From hangover cures to chocolate coated dates to the experience of recycled luxury, students explore creative sustainability for the masses as well as niche audiences pan India.


Ria Jain | Kareena Shamsi | Meha Zaveri | Akruti Bagla

‘SURI’ the word is derived from old Bavarian and it is the origin for the word sorry’. However, it is also used as a term for dizziness.

A combination of both these meanings was perfect to launch a hangover cure by Diageo!

Packaging a liquid hangover drink (approx 60ml) in a double shot glass and sealing it with a cork stopper. Which not only prevents the liquid from spilling out and also it makes the product re-usable.

There are also pills along with it which are water soluble. The consumer has to drop one pill in the shot glass, add 60 ml of water, cork the glass and shake it well to mix. This way they can remake their hangover cure using the coupon printed on the reverse of the box. A discount offering which ensures a loyal consumer.

The coupon printed on the inside of the packaging will make it a lucrative business strategy and also ensure zero waste.

The packaging itself will be made out of Lenzing 100% recycled paper.Glass (recyclable) / Cork (Biodegradable) / Paper (Recycled and biodegradable)A complete environmentally friendly offering from Diageo.

Cadbury’s ‘Dates for your Date’

Shraddha Agarwal | Aakriti Nahata | Shagun Parab

‘Dates for your Date’ is a box of chocolate-coated dates that are paired romantically. The target audience is Generation X couples, specifical people in their 30s and 40s who savour and enjoy the benefits of eating dates. The box has seven great pairs of dates, named after iconic Bollywood couples of Hindi cinema eg. Raj-Simram, Ki-Ka, etc.

The 14 dates are tied together in pairs, giving the perfect ice-breaker for any conversation. For the health-conscious generation, the nutritional values of the dates are clearly mentioned at the bottom of the package.

The packaging is sustainable. The materials are chosen (paper, cloth and cotton) are all eco-friendly and biodegradable.
Every pair is a different flavour, making the dates exciting for every date!

Taj — Lit

Chahat Gursingh | Alifiya Nagarwala | Kaezryn Mistry

Hospitality industry generates a tremendous amount of waste. A solution to this problem is “Lit” an environmentally conscious Luxury Scented Candle brand by ‘Taj’ that uses natural and sustainable ingredients and materials along with recycled waste used creatively for product display and packaging.

The candles are made from natural beeswax and essential oils. The sustainable packaging for the candles is made out of 100% recycled cardboard paper sourced from the Taj group of hotels by the Taj Group.

Using leftover cardboard rolls generated from the Taj group of hotels which recycles waste to produce paper products. The aim is at being a 100%sustainable luxury brand.

Disclaimer: All creatives are hypothetical classroom projects.
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Always looking for ways to reinvent in the design doing space. I generate experience and converge human values, technology, and business.

Always looking for ways to reinvent in the design doing space. I generate experience and converge human values, technology, and business.